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The World Tree

A virtual sandbox where curiosity is encouraged and mistakes are celebrated. Inside our VR engineering labs, you will find digital twins of test equipment and components, ready for you to play with until they break. When something breaks in our World Tree, you will receive a comical warning system, because you just learned through that failure. 



The Loki System

We created the Loki System so that we could put a positive spin on making a mistake. At OdinXR, we see mistakes as opportunities to learn and encourage you to test your curiosity in our World Tree.


Digital Twins

We've made the World Tree a sandbox by creating digital twins of engineering equipment in VR. This creates a realistic result in conducting experiments while providing an immersive, hands-on experience



The Whiteboard

Upload your lesson plans into our VR Interactive White Boards. We've also added in multiple choice questioning into our wide board. You can follow along to any experiment and add in retention check points to reinforce core concepts.

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